Homegrown Kitchen – Everyday recipes for eating well
by Nicola Galloway

Published by Potton & Burton



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Edmund Hillary – A Biography
by Michael Gill

Published by Potton & Burton



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WildTomato & FishHead magazines

In 2014, Lisa was commissioned to redesign WildTomato and FishHead magazines. She was art director-lead designer for both titles for two years, and again for WildTomato from the end of 2017 until mid-2018. Annabelle Archibald was the graphic designer, and the two were such a great team that they founded their own design studio in 2015 and worked together as Paperminx Collective for 3 years.

Published by WildTomatoPublishing.

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The Writing Book & The Oral Language Book

Lisa has been the designer for S&L Publishing’s hugely successful series of teacher resource books since 2013. She is currently working on the third book in the series, The Reading Book.


Zao Zoo Eco Books for Kids

Written, illustrated and self-published by Lisa Noble.


A Washing Line Spider

A spider makes its home on the washing line, and hitches a ride inside... out it jumps, but there's no need to be scared, all it wants to do is have some fun!

A beautifully illustrated 16 page picture book which gently encourages your children to lose their fear of creepy crawlies.

Soft cover, 16 pages, full colour throughout, saddle-stitched (no spine).

Only 9 books of the first edition remaining – order yours now.

Order your copy here, or email Lisa.

Noblesse Oblige Publishing

A collaboration between Kate Warpeha of USA and Lisa Noble of New Zealand.

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I Was a Teen Ghoul

Words by Kate Warpeha, art by Lisa Noble.

This book tells the story of Susan, teenage daughter of grieving Marjie, whose behaviour is increasingly distant. Susan and her best friend Terry are on a mission to save Marjie and bring her back to life. The tale is compassionate and entertaining, and will be enjoyed by both young teens and adults alike.

The second novel in this series is currently in progress.

212 pages, softcover, 230mm x 153mm, spine 12mm

International orders from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

NZ and Australian orders from Bigcartel, or email Lisa.

The Suter / Te Aratoi o Whakatū 
People, Places, Perspective: Artworks from the collection

Published by Potton & Burton

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A Way Home by Jillian Sullivan

Published by Potton & Burton. Cover photography by Graeme Sydney. Design and art direction by Lisa Noble.

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Marlborough Wine – Stories from New Zealand’s Premier Wine Region

Co-published by Lisa Noble and Hazel Kirkham’s former company, Oriel Design & Publishing, and Wine Marlborough.

Photography by Frank Gasteiger. Design and art direction by Lisa Noble.