Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School
Revolutionising drama education in Aotearoa

Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School is a unique learning environment, based on tikanga Maori. Students learn performance and interpersonal skills, which can be applied to all facets of life, in a community framework.

Paperminx created the brand refresh in 2015, and Toi Whakaari’s design partner Lisa Noble continues the evolution of the brand for NZ’s longest serving drama school as it heads towards its 50-year anniversary in 2020.

The logo speaks to the transformative nature of the Toi experience, through the continuous momentum of interwoven strands of student, staff and community.


Behind the Toi brand refresh

Designing a single logo device for an entity which is in constant movement and progress involved Paperminx becoming immersed in the Toi experience. The ‘eureka’ moment came when the simplest of interlocking circles described perfectly the balance and dynamic nature of the Toi method.

Services : Branding, apparel, marketing collateral, photo brief, website consultancy and social graphics.

Ruku Ao

Ruku Ao translates as Dive Into the Light, and is delivered by Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School. It is a revolutionary method of corporate and public sector management training, and is based on tikanga Māori and the Toi drama school methodology. Hugely successful, it has won accolades and is revolutionising NZ’s government departments.

The logo describes the interplay of two perfectly balanced forms, which appear to dive, and simultaneously emerge, from the darkness and the light, reminiscent of the yin and yang symbol.

The palette is inspired in Aotearoa’s intense dawn colours, with corporate blue and red positioning this clean, crisp brand in the business world.

Illustrations by Annabelle Archibald complement black and white reportage photography by Philip Merry.


Services: Branding, print management, illustration, photo brief and social graphics.

Sarah Wilson Recruitment

Sarah’s professionalism in recruitment within the print production industry is legendary. She has recently started her own recruitment agency, and contacted us to put on paper what she had envisioned to represent her bright personality, warmth and status as a top recruitment agent.

We chose letterpress debossing on a pulpy, tactile card stock to represent the industry in which Sarah operates, and a classical, restrained typographic logo with a pop of playfulness in the colour treatment.

2018-07-22 11.53.47-1.jpg

Services: Branding, print management, social media graphics.

The NO Project – Education for social justice

As a contribution to global social justice, Paperminx offered pro-bono rebranding work to The NO Project. We simplified the existing brand in order to reduce production time and costs, made the communication style universal and direct, and created templates for presentations and marketing materials, so that this NGO could make a bigger impact without increasing budgets.

The NO Project delivers well-resourced and presented sessions in secondary schools worldwide, which never fail to leave a lasting impression on the students. Many students subsequently devote time to creative projects which are showcased online by The NO Project.

Services: Branding, apparel, marketing and stationery design, design templates.

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